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Well, how are you today? me, I am great. I just figured I would get a bit about myself in here. My name is Greg. My dad and mom are Warren and Margaret. I have 4 sisters, 3 older and 1 younger. We weren’t exactly raised in church. In fact, I really don’t remember EVER going to church with them except to weddings and funerals. My older sisters may enlighten me as to if we ever went though. I remember going to a thing called awana club at a church, but , that didn’t really sink in too much. I wasn’t going there for the learning aspect, I went because it was something to do and some friends of mine were going there . I wasn’t but maybe 13 or 14 I reckon. I had heard things about God, Jesus, some guys called disciples, and so on but never gave it much thought. If you was good you went to Heaven, if not the devil got you and you went to hell. No explanation of exactly what that meant or what the two places were like. So, when I started learning and reading the bible, well, there was an eye opening experience. I learned there was more to it than just “being good”. or “having a good heart” or even “loving everybody”. There were actually some rules you had to follow, like when you are at home, or at grandma and grandpa’s house. If you didn’t follow the rules, you got in trouble. You decided for yourself, by how you acted, if you were getting graham crackers, (Heaven), or not getting anything (hell). I keep hearing people ask why a loving God would send you to hell. Well, here is and eyeopener for them. He doesn’t send you anywhere . The simple truth is He loves you so much He gave you free will to let YOU decide where you want to go. He then gave you an instruction manual, the Bible, to tell you exactly what you had to do to get to stay with Him, in Heaven, or to be sent away from His presence, hell. If you say “I don’t know how to read it, it is just too complicated, well, He had Hiss Son, Jesus, set up churches so anybody can learn. Now, I ain’t saying that they all are teaching as they are, in fact the biggest percentage aren’t. That is why scripture says we should study it ourselves also and seek our own salvation. But remember, God doesn’t have a person, He has His people so we need to find a church to go to and learn. The church, i.e building, is a place to gather together to learn and to fellowship with other believers. Now, I won’t tell you to pick a certain denomination, or which one is right or wrong as I am non-denominational. There will not be any denominations in Heaven, just those who made it there on their own accord, not by believing in a denomination, or preacher, teacher, etc. Well, enough for today. I will keep posting as I my schedule allows. Blessings, Greg.

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